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Doggie Info Bits & Pieces

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Work with and care for the dog you have, not the dog you wished him to be.
If you want your dog's behavior to change, you must change your behavior, too.
A dog does not behave out of spite, nor does he seek revenge.
In general, dogs don't like to be hugged. After they learn to trust you, they may actually like it. 
To a dog, young children are fast-moving, unpredictable, and they squeak. 
Get in the habit of rewarding your dog when he's behaving calmly. 
Do not touch a sleeping dog. Instead, use sound, vibration, or air movement to stir him awake. 
If your dog jumps on people, teach him to sit. It is physically impossible for a dog to jump and sit at the same time. 
Stop yelling at your dog; he can hear you. And if he can't, yelling won't work anyway.
Dogs, unlike people, do not purposely misbehave.
Dogs try different behaviors until they find the one that works for them.
Dogs repeat behaviors that work.
You will get the behavior that you reinforce.
Dogs are opportunists.
Any dog will bite, given the right set of circumstances.
Avoid situations that trigger your dog's unwanted behavior.
Stop giving your dog the opportunity to rehearse undesirable behaviors.
Dogs are attracted to smells, sounds and movement.
Dogs opt for the best game in town at the time (i.e., plastic bone vs. live squirrel?).

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