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From puppy training to teaching old dogs new tricks, we specialize in helping you with every-day doggie manners, and solving complex canine behavior problems. Our K9 Nose Work® classes are the most fun your dog can have with his nose.

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A Dog Gone Good School of Dog Training provides humane training and dog behavioral solutions for pet dogs of all ages and types and their guardians. We offer group classes, private one-on-one instruction, and K9 Nose Work® classes. We are happy to serve Tallahassee, FL and surrounding areas. A Dog Gone Good is owned and operated by Martha Winters, CPDT-KA(Certified Professional Dog Trainer) and CNWI (Certified Nose Work Instructor) with 18 years professional dog training and dog behavior experience. Training methods are based on learning theory. NO physical cues or reprimands are used. We believe it is NOT necessary to threaten, intimidate, or inflict pain to teach a dog appropriate behavior. Training should be an enjoyable activity for you and your dog, NOT a power struggle.

Group classes address most behaviors that you would want in a well-behaved dog. Classes meet one hour per week for 6 weeks. The class fee includes a booklet, all instruction, behavioral and homework handouts. If your dog is distracted by, or fearful of the presence of other dogs and people, a private lesson is recommend first, to be held in an environment that is familiar to the dog, without added stressors. You may also prefer a private lesson if you have a busy schedule.

A Private Session is catered to the individual. It is scheduled for any time that is convenient for you and a trainer is available. During the session, the trainer will demonstrate how to change your dog's behavior. Then you will practice the protocols so the trainer can give you feedback. You will be given printed instructions, behavioral information, and links to really good information on the web. So after the lesson, you can continue to work with your dog on your own, with all the tools you need to be successful. This session would take place wherever the dog spends the most time (usually at your home), because that’s where he is doing the behaviors.

K9 Nose Work® is a scent-detection activity and sport that develops your dog's ability to find things with his nose. Isn't that what he was born to do? Dogs learn to search for specific odors in a variety of real-world environments. The game is based on the work of search and rescue dogs. It’s great mental stimulation for your dog and wears him out! Any dog over four months old who is mobile can participate. The 6-week class meets for 60-90 minutes once a week.

K9 Nose Work® is the most fun your dog can have with his nose.

~For more information, or to set up an appointment, please call or email A Dog Gone Good.~

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A Review From
September 2014
P.O. Box 15452, Tallahassee, FL 32317
We have 3 dogs, and one of them is disabled. The disabled dog turned extremely aggressive on our other dogs and I was worried I would have to put her down because I believed there wasn't anything we could do to change her behavior. I figured I would have a trainer come check out our house as our last resort. Martha came in and knocked every bad behavior out of our home IN ONE SESSION. Not to mention she had never worked with a disabled dog before! She was affordable (for even me being a college student) and she nipped the problem right in the bud. She gave us many ideas and suggestions on how to redirect that aggression into positive behavior and I'm happy to say we have been fight free for 6 months now! People have to remember that it's not the dogs fault for the way it acts, it's the human's fault for not properly teaching the dog what is acceptable and what is not. THANK YOU MARTHA! You saved my little one's life, and you saved me from more trips to the ER trying to break the dogs up! You are our savior!

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